Cupping and its benefits

Cupping is a form of treatment in alternative medicine for medicine, an ancient medical method used to treat many diseases, because people were unaware of the causes of diseases, and the therapeutic methods were very limited. It relies on suction using some cups on the sites of pain
How Cupping works:
Some explain that healing in size is that rotten blood comes out of the body, a blood that carries red blood cells hormone or blood impurities and bad mixtures that reach the blood one way or another through the use of different drugs and chemicals. This rotten blood accumulates and convulses and collects in certain areas during its cycle in the body, at the top of the back are areas characterized by weak flow and flow and slow movement of blood and flow, so be rid of it purify the general blood stream and facilitate and stimulate the flow of fresh blood new and produce new red blood cells corrupt place becomes blood More vital and healthy.

Benefits of Cupping:

  1. The removal of arteries and veins and flour and large and stimulate blood circulation
  2. Lymph nodes and lymph nodes.
  3. Enabling energy paths ..
  4. Activate and stimulate the places of reactions in the body of the body’s internal organs increases the attention of the brain to the injured member and gives the appropriate order of the body’s internal organs to take necessary
  5. Absorption of mixtures and toxins and the effects of medicines of the body, which are found in blood pools between the skin and muscles and other places in the body and output by light scribbling on the skin
  6. Strengthening the general immunity in the body
  7. Regulate hormones, especially in the seventh paragraph of cervical vertebrae
  8. Work to adapt the psychological Revitalizing the brain, movement, speech, hearing, perception and memory
  9. Activate the glands, especially the pituitary glands
  10. Raise pressure on nerves
  11. Remove some gatherings and mixtures and causes of pain
  12. Absorb excess acids in the body
  13. Increases the proportion of natural cortisone in the blood and the pain disappears
  14. Stimulate antioxidants
  15. Reduce the proportion of urea in the blood
  16. Reduce the harmful cholesterol in the blood and raise the proportion of cholesterol beneficial
Also used in the treatment of (rheumatism – knee roughness – foot salts – sciatica – back pain – neck and shoulder pain – hemiplegia – kidney paralysis – immune weakness – muscle tension – activation of blood circulation – tingling arms – tingling legs – abdominal pain – Sleep – heart disease – sugar – liver and gall bladder – varicose veins – obesity – thinness – infertility)
As well as in the treatment of gynecological diseases (bleeding of the uterus – interruption of the cycle – secretions of all types – menstrual problems – ovarian activation – colic cycle – inflammation of the uterus – nervous tension – psychological cases)
Places of Cupping:
The cupping has ninety-eight places, fifty-five of them on the back, and forty-three of them on the face and abdomen. Each disease has specific positions for cupping (one or more of each) of the human body.
This is due to the large number of places where the cupping is performed, because of the abundance of her work and her influence in the body.
It works on the power lines, which are used by Chinese needles. Cupping has been found to produce ten times better results than the needle. This may be because the needle works on a small point. The cupping works on a circle approximately 5 cm in diameter.
The cupping also acts on the nerve positions of the reactions. Every member of the body has nerves that feed him and others to the reactions. Thus, each disease (reaction) has a reaction whose position varies according to the extreme nerve of the reaction.
For example, the stomach has two places in the back, and when the stomach gets sick we do the cupping on these two places and so on ..
Important alerts to keep in mind are:
  1. Cupping is not done for those who do dialysis or have a structured pacemaker.
  2. Should be alert in the following cases: AIDS patients, or liver disease or any cancerous tumors.
  3. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and women at menopause also prevent cupping.
Important Alerts and Recommendations:
The following should be observed before cupping with 12 hours:
  1. Take the idea of ​​cupping and not to worry about it, and think about its usefulness.
  2. Sleep and complete rest and do not make any physical effort and not anger or psychological tension.
  3. Not to eat dairy products, as well as fat, fat and citrus.
  4. The cupping specialist should be informed of any medical treatment, undergoing treatment sessions (natural and psychological), legal tenderness or surgery.
  5. Avoid cupping for the person who has cold and high temperature or infected with filtration and others, only after recovery from the cold.
  6. The cup should not be placed above the torn ligament of those who have torn ligaments.
  7. Patients with blood and sugar are not just a simple prick.
  8. Cupping is not done immediately after eating, but at least two hours after eating.
  9. Do not work Hjama blood donor only after two or three days, according to his health, and Mgami to wake up and relax.
  10. Warns that cupping must be done with extreme satiety or extreme hunger.

The most popular and desirable times in which the work of cupping:

It was narrated that Jaabir ibn ‘Abd-Allaah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say: “If there is something in your medicine that is good, in a police station, or a drink of honey,
– The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The best thing you can do is to do cupping”
– On the authority of Anas ibn Malik, the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever wants to have a cupping, then he must travel seventeen or nineteen or twenty-one,
– It is haraam to perform cupping on Saturday, Wednesday and Friday.


Repeating cupping:
There are diseases cured by God’s permission from the first time and others heal after several times from the use of cupping, and each person is different from the other quickly respond to cupping, there are people who improve or recover from the first time and another does not improve until after two or three.

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