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The Czech Republic enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of physiotherapy; It is considered the top worldwide destination in terms of patients seeking physiotherapy treatments, as well as in terms of where global clinics are located.

The Czech Republic also has exclusive leisure centers and resorts, so contact us to enjoy all the services that suit your needs.

Children Treatment

Medical care of infants, children, and adolescents (3 Months to 18 Years)

Treatment in sanatoriums is an intensive therapeutic rehabilitation process for children with neurological diseases, especially cerebral palsy in children which is considered one of the most critical elements of the comprehensive treatment process.

  • The Vuita method of inverted movement, where we work to raise the site of the body in a reflective way, that is, without the cognitive participation of the child in motion

  • The Bupath concept, which is a set of therapeutic techniques (facilitative, inhibitory, motivational)

  • Reciprocal reflex therapy, which combines muscle fibroblasts, acupuncture, massage reflex areas, filling and correcting the pathological condition

  • Fiber fibrosis technique and the elements of craniofacial therapy

  • Rehabilitation of oral cavity, where we try to reduce spasticity with the help of vibration stimulation and hand touch as well as synergistic inverter treatment

  • For the treatment of the professional solitary – the development of subtle and massive movements, sensory skills, cognitive and selective movement depending on the degree of the child development and abilities. It is primarily about the ability to perceive different readings and the ability to realize the object (ie, knowing the sizes, the form, excluding the consideration)

  • The concept of basic stimulation, with musical therapy, where the patient promotes and sustains his own identity, communicates with the surrounding world, and achieves a better orientation and perception in space and time. By using music and musical elements (sound, rhythm, melody, harmony), we try to develop communication and understanding together

We work closely with experts from the artificial limbs sector where we consult with them regarding the vulnerable or those who have lost their function permanently, splints and dressings of the spine, shoes and slippers for orthopedic. In cooperation with Otto Bock and Bohemia Patron we provide assistive materials, trolleys, wheelchairs and walking equipment.

One of the critical factors for successful treatment is the initiation of the rehabilitation process at the right time, where it is possible to influence the overall movement system of the child in the form directed against the pathological obstacle.

The new clinics – Novi Lazniy from this season launched a therapeutic share for children starting from those who are 3 months old.


Therapeutic Specialization
  • Human Movement System Disorders.

  • Inflammatory and degenerative movement disorders, spinal syndromes, musculoskeletal diseases, postoperative cases and surgical procedures of movement system organs. Genetic bone diseases, spine scoliosis, and chronic juvenile arthritis.

  • Vascular diseases.

  • Peripheral vascular diseases, post-vascular and chronic lymphoblastic conditions, postoperative conditions of the circulatory system, hypertension of first to third degree, blood circulation disorders due to diabetes.

  • Neurological diseases.

  • Post-stroke conditions, post-operative spinal and brain surgeries, scleroderma, genetic paralysis, cerebral palsy, motor diseases after brain and spinal cord infections, muscular diseases, neurological diseases due to diabetes.

High possibility of successful treatment: %96,1

How it is done: Unique thermal water + An effective rehabilitation program + Experience of professional operators


Therapeutic Specialization

The Czech Republic enjoys a high global therapeutic reputation in a range of specialties related to slimming. With a specialized and experienced team to treat obesity, offer comprehensive solutions, and treatment through the necessary athletic and healthy behavior.

In addition, the surgical side is provided by Sleeve gastrectomy operation and other processes to reduce excess fat and with modern technology and European standards.

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