Treatment in Turkey

Turkey has many hospitals and high-quality health centers where Turkey has become the face of many of the European countries and European countries because of the distinctive hospitals and health centers absorbing at reasonable prices

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation effectively contributes to filling the empty spaces of the head. This process is done using the latest modern techniques so that the growth of the hair of the individual is rearranged by taking a sample of the skin and hair located in the ends of the head and back scalp.

  • Expanded Tissue

  • Complete Slice Surgery

  • Reduce Scalp Area

  • Quantification And Slimming

Turkey has comprehensive centers for slimming with a specialized and highly experienced team for the treatment of obesity by providing integrated solutions including behavioral therapy, sports and nutrition with the availability of the surgical side of the quantization and other processes to reduce excess obesity and high technology and modern technology.

“Relax, watch the clouds pass by, lay on the grass, and simply sit in front of the creek;
just do nothing! having these moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”
PHYSIOTHERAPIST, ALSULAMi Treatment & Healthcare

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