Treatment in Germany

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High Quality

The high quality factor is the foundation of Germany’s global success in medicine, providing the best possible medical treatment. This medical success in all parts of Germany reinforces the ownership of its hospitals to the world’s best recognized medical professionals, the world’s best health systems and the latest medical devices. This attracts tens of thousands of patients from outside Germany, especially the Arabs, to benefit from this efficiency.

Here are some of the diseases that are treated in Germany:

  • Treatment of heart disease

  • Treatment of bone and spine

  • Treatment of skin diseases

  • Treatment of neurological diseases

  • Treatment of MS

  • Treatment of endoscopic sclerosis

  • Treatment of brain stroke

  • Treatment of cerebral palsy

  • Treating Parkinson’s disease

  • Treatment of chronic diseases

  • Plastic surgery

  • Cancer treatment and malignant tumors

  • Stem cell therapy

  • Treatment of urinary tract and sexual weakness to treat infertility

About Infrastructure and Equipment

Germany has a high quality infrastructure in the areas of treatment, prevention and rehabilitation, as well as the treatment of chronic diseases. The number of health facilities exceeds 1200 where rehabilitation and prevention procedures can be carried out and there are more than 350 recognized hospital and health facilities. The state-of-the-art medical center provides the well-being of foreign patients.

The most important centers are located in major cities such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Garmisch, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Kiel, Ludwigshafen, , Mainz, Munich, Munster and Nuremberg. Germany has more than 2,000 hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, all of which aim to ensure the best care possible. It is also committed to providing excellent medical treatment.

About 10% of all these hospitals in Germany specialize in providing treatment for foreign patients. Germany also has climatic conditions and spectacular landscapes that play a critical role in the healing of our patients.

“Relax, watch the clouds pass by, lay on the grass, and simply sit in front of the creek;
just do nothing! having these moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”
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